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My Passion

I have a passion for helping others to live their best lives possible, every day! I believe there is a need to provide a meaningful day to our senior and disabled community members. Government funded agencies are required to create an Individual Service Plan (ISP) and individuals are grouped together into generic categories that qualify for payment. Hangin' with Mae is simply the opposite; a place for real people to feel accepted, be challenged and encouraged to keep striving for their own personal goals. I look forward to helping your loved one on their own personal journey!

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My Story

With over 20 years of experience in providing quality care for individuals of all ages and many different Intellectually and Developmental Disabilities, I am excited to offer a personalized care plan for your loved one that encompasses your unique values and goals.

I started caring for others as a teenager, babysitting for family and friends during high school, accepting my first professional position as a Nurse’s Aide when I was 18. Over the years, life has taken me on many journeys; however, I always found happiness in helping others. I’ve lived in Virginia my entire adult life, working in multiple Nursing and Assisted Living facilities, teaching in the Public School System with disabled children, successfully ran my own In-home Daycare, and worked for multiple Community Service Boards to provide both IDD and mental health services to adults. I’ve also had personal experience working with HOSPICE to provide end-of-life companionship.

Harnessing these experiences, while removing the bureaucratic system that throws all individuals into the same box, I will successfully provide care and companionship, community engagement activities and transportation services that provide the best life possible for your loved one.

Government agencies stipulate what is considered a “meaningful day” without taking individuals into account. My approach is the opposite of that, allowing for each of my clients to be the unique individual God created them to be by having their own meaningful day.


Please reach out and let me know how I can help you and your loved one.


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