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Everyone deserves a meaningful day!

I have a passion for helping others to live their best lives possible, every day!

I believe there is a need to provide a meaningful day to our senior and disabled community members. Government funded agencies are required to create an Individual Service Plan (ISP) and individuals are grouped together into generic categories that qualify for payment. Hangin' with Mae is simply the opposite; a place for real people to feel accepted, be challenged and encouraged to keep striving for their own personal goals. I look forward to helping your loved one on their own personal journey!

I believe that children deserve the best care possible while they are young, so they feel; safe, loved, and included. As a mom of two wonderful adult children, I understand the importance of quality time and individualized attention that contributes to successful growth!


Jamie B.

I couldn't think of better company for your loved one than Mae. She helped raise 3 of my babies, from birth through their young school years. I couldn't be more ecstatic knowing that, when the time comes, she will help me care for my elder loved ones as well. You won't be disappointed.

Holly C.

I worked with Mae in the mental health field I was a client of hers I can not think of a more trustworthy, or loving person to help your loved ones. She is amazing at her job and supper efficient. I would recommend Hangin' with Mae to any one.


133 Westview Road

Ruckersville, VA 22968


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